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Writer Jay Paul Deratany talks Foster Boy at the 2021 Toronto Black Film Festival on CTV News.

Women’s Equality Day Interview with First Star CEO Lyndsay Wilson

Foster Boy – 8/26/21

TBFF Founder Fabienne Colas Talks ‘Foster Boy’

ET Canada – 2/21/21

TBFF 2021 – Anger, Corruption and Justice Collide in Foster Boy

Shifter Magazine – 2/13/21

The Toronto Black Film Festival Director on ‘Foster Boy’ Opening the Festival

Complex – 2/11/21

‘Foster Boy’ Stars Talk EP Shaquille O’Neal

ET Canada – 2/6/21

Film Inspired by Chicago Foster Care Cases to Stream on BET+

Chicago Star Media – 2/5/21

TBFF Founder Fabienne Colas Talks ‘Foster Boy’

ET Canada – 2/21

‘Foster Boy’ Starring Matthew Modine, Louis Gossett Jr. to Open Toronto Black Film Festival

The Hollywood Reporter – 1/19/21

Interview with writer Jay Paul Deratany, and post-production executive, Steve Bannerman about Jay’s professional journey and making the film

OWC Radio – 12/16/20

One Hope United Hosts a Screening of the Film for Supporters

One Hope United – 12/16/20

Oscar-winning actor Louis Gossett Jr. talks to TV Confidential about the inequities in our foster care system and starring in “Foster Boy”

TV Confidential – 12/14/20

Real to Reel Global, Better Youth and The RightWay Foundation teamed up with “Foster Boy” Production Team for Holiday Giveaway

WFMJ – 12/9/20

Executive Producer Shaquille O’Neal on supporting our foster youth

ABC News – 11/23/20

Interview with Matthew Modine on fame and the impact of the new film “Foster Boy:

Page Six – 11/17/20

Interview with writer Jay Paul Deratany about his career and inspiration for his new film “Foster Boy”

Film Daily – 11/16/2020

Interview with musical artist Da’Dreion Murrell on his life and connection to “Foster Boy”

Noise – 10/20/2020

“Extra’s” Adam Weissler spoke to Matthew Modine via Zoom about life during COVID-19, “Foster Boy,” and more

Extra – 10/16/2020

Interview with writer Jay Paul Deratany, Producer Andrew Sugarman and DI and VFX Executive Producer Steve Bannerman about the making of the film and the film’s distribution by Gravitas Ventures

ProductionHub – 10/15/2020

“The movie—a foster care legal thriller (a category that thankfully hasn’t existed until now)—was released this month to praise from critics because it tells an important story about systematic abuse within the foster care system.”

Institute for Family Studies – 10/14/2020

“Foster Boy is the #7th most streamed movie on Spectrum this weekend”

Indiewire – 10/05/2020

Oscar-winning actor Louis Gossett Jr. talks with FOX 32’s Jake Hamilton about his new film “Foster Boy”

FOX 32 Chicago – 10/05/2020

“Louis Gossett Jr. Reflects on Life at 84: ‘I’m Amazed I’m Still Here and Still Relevant’”

Closer Weekly – 10/04/2020

“Louis Gossett Jr. speaks with Kelley Carter about the film and the importance of celebrating Black stories.”

The Undefeated – 10/03/2020

“Modine is suited for his part, and McGhie gives a nuanced, powerful performance as a survivor of emotional abuse who wants someone to be accountable for what he never should have had to endure… it’s a story that will make audiences want to dig deeper into the sad state of foster care in the United States.”

Common Sense Media – 10/03/2020

Impact Spotlight: “Foster Boy”

FilmUp – 9/30/2020

BACKSTAGE feature Q&A with Foster Boy star Shane Paul McGhie

BACKSTAGE – 9/29/2020

TVOvermind: Why We’ll Be Checking Out Shaquille O’Neal’s “Foster Boy”

TVOvermind – 9/29/2020

this movie is well worth watching …

Airplanes and Dragonflies – 9/29/2020

“Everyone in the film invokes a strong response for the characters they portray.”

Top Tier Fandom – 9/28/2020

People need to understand that while Foster Boy dramatized events, the script is based on the very real terror that many foster youth confront and grapple with.

Talkhouse – 9/28/2020

“Foster Boy” [is] a movie that is timely and necessary especially during this time.

Fox LA – 9/26/2020

NBA great Shaquille O’Neal is the executive producer of a feature film bringing attention to the foster care system, “Foster Boy.”

Fox LA – 9/26/2020

Youssef Delara and Matthew Modine attend the premiere of Foster Boy, hosted by the Sony Picture Drive-In Experience, on Thursday in Culver City, California.

People – 9/25/2020

[…]the film follows Michael Trainer, a hardened corporate lawyer unwittingly dragged into an ominous trial in which a for-profit foster care agency put a known sex offender into the same foster home as his young client Jamal, resulting in catastrophic trauma and immediately altering Jamal’s future.

EIN Presswire – 9/25/2020

A rich white lawyer (Modine) and an orphaned young Black man take on the for-profit foster care industry in this drama backed by Shaquille O’Neal.

Austin Chronicle – 9/25/2020

Shaquille O’Neal has executive produced this drama about a lawyer and an imprisoned young man who take on abuses in the foster care system.

Houston Chronicle – 9/24/2020

“Shane Paul McGhie’s performance is riveting. I was rooting for him and a couple of tears escaped.”

Red Carpet Crash – 9/23/2020

“We come to learn about the abuse [Jamal] faces through his youthful years and it is stunning; the film uncovers a system that is fraught with problems our society needs to address.”

WGN Radio – 9/23/2020

A Chicago attorney says the foster care system is broken and must be fixed. In response he wrote and produced a movie called “Foster Boy” […]

NBC Chicago – 9/22/2020

Foster Boy tells the story of a teenage boy who was failed by the foster care system […] in the hopes of inspiring people to take action to change the system.

Comfort Cases – 9/22/2020

“Foster Boy” (Gravitas Ventures), a drama about a lawyer fighting for an abused youth, grossed $6,100 in one Atlanta drive-in (the top specialized location this weekend) ahead of its VOD and further theater play next Friday.

Indiewire – 9/20/2020

#10 movie Foster Boy can boast the highest per-theater average in its opening weekend. The legal drama starring Matthew Modine

Collider – 9/20/2020

This a good revelation for us all and a major depiction into the Foster Care System and society. We have had to change.

Chicago Defender – 9/18/2020

Foster youth are among our society’s most vulnerable kids, especially those among them that are racial minorities or young LGBTQ+ community members.

GRAB Magazine – 9/15/2020

“Foster Boy” […] is a solid and important story about systematic abuse within the foster care system, featuring an outstanding cast including a half-dozen seasoned veterans who know how to sell even the most melodramatic moments.

Chicago Sun Times – 9/15/2020

“We won’t look the other way… It’s time to start making a difference for our foster kids.”

Hollywood Times – 9/14/2020

Trailer: Foster Boy van Shaquille O’Neal grijpt je direct

Manners – 9/10/2020

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